When will my card be billed
All orders placed before 5pm EST are processed overnight by the card processing company and are received the next morning at the distributor. UPS Red overnight and UPS Blue orders are processed first and are usually shipped the day they are received, as long as the items are in stock. The out of stock items are forwarded to the secondary distributor for processing the following day and are usually shipped that day. As you can see, orders are not shipped the day the order is taken. Also, since we use 5 distributors, we do not know the availability of all items on a given day. However, since we have access to the supply of 5 distributors, we are able to fill almost every order and are seldom truly out of stock on a given item.

2257 compliance statement
Convergence Inc. does not produce any content and makes no representation about any content. All video products offered on this site and all models pictured on adult product box covers have been produced by other studios or other manufacturers.

Convergence Inc. is not in possession of any original 2257 disclaimers for any of the models; however, all of the manufacturers or studios that have created content that we sell or advertise represent that all models appearing in their productions are over 18 and that they maintain all appropriate 2257 disclaimers or the equivalent.

To find the appropriate documents, go to http://www.kinklab.com/2257.htm or http://www.stockroom.com/2257.htm.

All information is secure
All personal information submitted through the web, phone, mail, or fax is entered into our databases via secure systems. These secure systems are regularly monitored by Trust Keeper. Trust Keeper is a security monitoring company approved by Visa and Mastercard for assuring them that data is being handled properly.

Card is billed by Convergence Inc.
Your credit card will be charged by Convergence Inc.

Delivery man and neighbors will not know
Your product is shipped in a plain cardboard box. And the “From:” address will have a discreet name also.

I did not order this
Please contact us. Our orders usually ship very quickly. If your order has shipped we suggest you refuse delivery and the order will be returned to us and your card credited. .

Someone used my credit card
Please contact us. Our orders usually ship very quickly. If your order has shipped we suggest you refuse delivery and the order will be returned to us and your card credited.

How to order at wholesale prices
If you are a business looking to make purchases in bulk, please email wholesale@ordersupport.com or call 866-895-0697

More info on Liquid Latex
See a complete list of Liquid Latex products

Liquid Latex can easily be removed from your skin by gently washing the surface coating with mild soap & warm water, allowing the soapy water to splash between your skin and the liquid latex fantasy garment as you bathe.

Latex Body Wash is a biodegradable formulation designed to aid in the emulsification and removal of Liquid Latex. Simply pump-spray our Latex Body Wash onto the dried latex surface, and lightly rub the fluid into the latex with your fingertips for about one (1) minute. Soon you will see the latex slowly start to separate from your skin. A final cleansing with mild soap & warm water will reveal your deeply-cleansed, silky-smooth, “baby fresh” skin.

Because the perspiration and natural oils of your skin automatically tend to “lift” a liquid latex coating slightly above the surface of the skin, your latex garment will readily “peel off” normal skin several hours after the initial application (or it can be cleanly peeled off as soon as it’s dried). This is particularly evident if you took the time to remove body hair from the application area, and if you also used a liberal coating of skin conditioning lotion just prior to the application process.

Doesn’t liquid latex tend to be sticky?
Latex that is cured at room temperature is always a little bit prone to adhering to itself. Therefore, a surface treatment is recommended after curing of the liquid latex is complete (talcum powder works well).

How much do I need to cover my body?
One 16oz jar will cover approximately 1/2 body in 3 coats or both arms and legs in 3 coats.

What can I coat with liquid latex?
Liquid latex can coat almost anything. Non-porous surfaces will not hold on to the cured product, and can therefore be used as a mold. Porous products (such as jeans, shirts, etc.) will permanently hold the liquid latex once cured.

What if Liquid Latex is coated directly onto body hair?
As for body hair…well, if you don’t get rid of it first, you’ll probably lose it the hard way when you try to get your finished latex product off your body.

Can I use commercially available rubber preservatives on my liquid latex?
Many commercially available rubber preservative products (such as those you may find at your local automotive store) include petroleum-based ingredients, and they will not provide the desired results when used on your unique liquid latex creations. If you do choose to browse your local retail store to purchase a product that makes rubber ‘shine’, then be sure to look for products that are clearly marked “Teflon-based” or “silicone-based”, and contain no petroleum-based ingredients.

What are other unique properties of liquid latex?
Liquid latex is unlike any other rubber. Latex is unique since it is a natural polymer derived from tree sap. As a natural polymer, it uses water as its base solvent. It is one of the few rubber compounds that is non-toxic in a liquid and solid state. Latex has the best memory of any rubber, that is, the ability to return to its original shape without permanent distortion. Latex is also the most sensitive of rubbers, being readily damaged by oils of any kind, by ozone, and UV light.

Is there a smell associated with liquid latex?
All liquid latex products use ammonia as a preservative agent. It doesn’t really smell all that bad, but if you are hypersensitive to the smell, you won’t be thrilled about it. Also, if you are allergic to ammonia-based products, then you shouldn’t put liquid latex on your skin. Performing a simple test of using liquid latex in contact with a small area of your skin for about 4 hours will quickly determine if you will have a hypersensitive reaction to latex. Once the liquid latex dries, though, the smell is completely gone.

What is latex sensitivity?
There are three different types of reactions to natural rubber latex. They are (1) irritation, (2) delayed hypersensitivity (allergic contact dermatitis), and (3) immediate hypersensitivity (anaphylactic symptoms).

Irritation is typically classed as a ‘non-allergic’ condition. The irritated skin may be dry & crusty, and the symptoms naturally resolve when contact with the latex ceases.

Delayed hypersensitivity presents itself as skin becoming dry, crusty and leathery with eruptions appearing as sores and blisters.

Online is the best way to shop
Search by product name, size, material, color, category, etc. Our website is secure and safe.

Out of stock items
Our website is linked with inventory in the warehouse. Thus, items that are out of stock are automatically updated on the website as out of stock and can not be ordered.

Occasionally items are ordered but go out of stock before they can be shipped. Fortunately we have multiple warehouses from which we use a backup and can still ship your order. If you order is shipped from multiple warehouses due to a back-order condition, you are not billed extra for shipping.

We do not have a physical store to visit
We are a web based business based out of the Boston MA area and do not have any physical store fronts. We ship world wide and have an extensive warehouse system to fulfill your order.

Changes to an order already placed
Your order is received and authorized against your credit card immediately. It reaches the distributor overnight and is entered into their automated system upon receipt.

Due to the volume of orders received, it is not possible to interrupt the process to make a change to your order at this point. It has already been authorized against your card and may have begun the packing process and/or may have shipped.

My credit card was charged but I have not received my order
If a customer reports that their card has been charged when our records show it as a decline the customer MUST fax a copy of the charge showing on their debit or credit statement along with a note of explanation and invoice number to this fax number for review. 1-425-988-0269.

Package has been tampered with
Our boxes are sealed shut with plain brown packing tape. If you receive a package that looks like it has been opened and resealed with clear packing tape, this means your order has been tampered with while in possession of UPS. If you like, you can refuse delivery from UPS and then contact us for refund or exchange. You may accept the package as it might be fine, but if not, we can still help you, but please understand that problems with that order are probably the fault of UPS and not us. (This rule may not apply to items with a product number that starts with “cnv” as those are shipped from different locations that may or may not use brown packing tape)

Product shipped but has not arrived
If you have your invoice number, you can track your order online.

By tracking online you can get your UPS or USPS tracking number. Contact UPS or US Mail with your tracking number to see if they have information on when your package will arrive.

If contacting the shipping company does not help, contact us.

Refunds from SextoyTV minutes
Refunds for minutes will be credited to your account. You can use that credit toward purchases of toys or minutes in the future.

For sanitary/hygienic purposes, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. When you receive your package, promptly check the items to make sure the items are working. We will credit or exchange for DEFECTIVE items only (or for any shipping errors made by us). You must contact us at returns@ordersupport.com for an RMA. Please return the items in their original packaging within 30 days after RMA is issued to the address we will provide you. Items returned without original packaging will NOT be refunded so please keep all packaging for the 30 day return period. If you have further questions or problems, please contact us.

We have tens of thousands of products on our site. Some of the products have measurements and some do not. We will not issue a refund for a product without measurements due to the size. Please make sure the product you are ordering meets all of your requirements including size before placing your order.

In your return package please include:

  • The packing slip.
  • A note telling us what the problem was.
  • A note stating whether you would like a refund or an exchange for another item.
  • If you do not include a note, you may not be refunded!

Please note: As part of the return process, upon receipt of an authorized return, if the returned item is found to be in perfect working condition, a 25% restocking fee will be applied.

Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your replacement or refund.

We are dedicated to carrying only the highest quality adult products and maintaining attentive customer service. We hope you have been and will be happy with our services.

If you have questions, please email: returns@ordersupport.com.

Order may be shipped from different locations
We have multiple distributors so your order may come separately depending on availability of items at a given distributor.

Your order is automatically forwarded to the next warehouse in line until your complete order has shipped. You do not pay additional shipping if your order has to ship from more than one warehouse due to a back-order condition.

Shipping Companies we use for shipping
US Priority Mail, UPS for US orders, international carriers may vary (we promise times, not companies for international)

We do not accept COD orders.

When does my order ship?
Your order will 98% of the time ship the next business day that you order the product, if the order is submitted Sunday through Thursday before our 8:30 pm est deadline. The warehouses are closed on weekends and do not ship. UPS express shipping methods do not deliver on weekends. Also, UPS does not guarantee delivery for express methods around holidays, and in the case of bad weather.

Please note that the shipping options you choose take effect on the day the item ships, not the day you order.

For example, if you order an item on a Friday or a Saturday, the next business day (normally, with the exception of a Monday Holiday) would be Monday. If you pay for next day shipping, you should receive it by Tuesday.

In some cases, the item you order may be found to be out of stock at the warehouse. We will forward to another warehouse as quickly as possible. This happens rarely, but due to fluctuating stock levels of popular products, we try to forward your order to the best warehouse best able to fulfill your order.

We cannot control delivery errors, especially if your address is not 100% complete.

Important Info for International Customers
Customs departments in each country often have regulations that should be investigated prior to placing orders; these may pertain to duty taxes and-or allowable items. Convergence is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred or for the retention of your order by customs if it does not pass inspection and you will not be refunded. The customer is responsible for all expenses in these circumstances.

Important Info for Military Personnel
Orders are shipped via US Mail to all military addresses per military regulations.

***Priority US Mail Shipping. Delivery within 1-3 weeks. ***

We cannot ship via UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Mail addressed to military post offices overseas is subject to certain conditions or restrictions of mailing regarding content, preparation, and handling. Please refer to the APO/FPO table and the RESTRICTIONS at the url:

Overseas Military Mail Table – Changes and Active APO/FPO Table Including Military Mailing Restrictions

It outlines these conditions by APO/FPO ZIP Codes through the use of footnoted mailing restrictions codes (see the Restrictions page following the table). Convergence is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred or for the retention of your order by customs if it does not pass inspection and you will not be refunded. The customer is responsible for all expenses in these circumstances.

Order by Fax

Print out the order form to mail or fax:

We strongly recommend you add items to your shopping cart and then select the button that says “order form to mail or fax”. Then select your shipping country and shipping method. That will bring you to an order form. Print and fill out the order form to fax.

If you do not have a printer then you may copy the online form in clear and legible printing by hand.

  • 1-888F-SEXTOY, 1-888-373-9869, or 1-425-988-0269
  • Please include you priority service code: goDildo
  • Orders sent by fax that are incomplete will be faxed, emailed, or mailed back to the customer.
  • Can pay by credit card.

Order by Mail

Print out the order form to mail:
We strongly recommend you add items to your shopping cart and then select the button that says “order form to mail”. Then select your shipping country and shipping method. That will bring you to an order form. Print and fill out the order form.

If you do not have a printer then you may copy the online form in clear and legible printing by hand. If your order form can not be read, it will be returned to you. Please include your priority service code: goDildo.

Mail the form with payment to:
Convergence Inc.
1925 Addison Way
Los Angeles, CA 90041

If you are sending a check please read details on Paying by Check

Do not send via Express Mail. Since express requires a signature, it may actually take us longer to get the order than if you send it via regular mail.

Order by Phone

  • Before calling, you must know the product numbers you want to order.
  • 1-888P-SEXTOY , 1-888-773-9869
  • Tell the operator your priority service code is: SweetExtasy
  • Make the operator read everything back to you to make sure they don’t make an error.
  • Live operators 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Order Online

  1. Add products to your shopping cart from the Sex Toy Fun site
  2. Click on the View Cart or Check Out button to see and edit the items in your cart.
  3. Click on the button that says, “Begin Online Checkout”
  4. Complete the online form:
    1. Fill out your shipping address
    2. Choose a shipping method (We ship to anywhere in the world. Express Shipping is available).
    3. Fill out your credit card information through our secure form.
  5. After completing order you will get an invoice number and information on how to track your order.

Our prices are in $US Dollars only
Our prices are in $US Dollars only.

Pay by check

Print out the order form to include with your check:
We strongly recommend you add items to your shopping cart and then select the button that says “order form to mail”. Then select your shipping country and shipping method. That will bring you to an order form. Print and fill out the order form. If you do not have a printer then you may copy the online form in clear and legible printing by hand. If your order form can not be read, it will not be processed.

  • Make check or money order payable to Convergence Inc.
  • Pay in $US DOLLARS ONLY. Non USA orders may mail a bank check in US Dollars or pay by credit card. No other currencies will be accepted.
  • Personal checks will be deposited electronically (the name “Convergence” will show up on your bank statement) and products shipped 10 business days (2 weeks) after the checks are deposited.
  • Money orders and bank checks will be deposited through our bank and will be shipped within 2 days of receiving those checks.
  • Bounced checks will be billed your state’s allotted fee (usually $15-$35)

Mail the check and order form:
Mail your filled out form along with correct payment to:

Convergence Inc.
1925 Addison Way
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Pay by COD
We do not accept payments by COD.

Pay by Credit card
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

You can order with your credit card by Ordering by Fax, mail, phone, or online.

Your card is authorized when you place the order online and billed within 2 hours after that.

Pay by Debit Cards
We accept debit cards with the Mastercard or Visa logo on it ONLY

Please do not include your PIN number. We do NOT want or need this to process your order.

Pay by Money order or bank check
Money orders and bank checks accepted by ordering by mail only / these can not be faxed.

Pay by Paypal
Unfortunately Paypal has become an anti-human-sexuality company and has subsequently closed our account. We are looking now for a quality company to use for internet payments. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Pay by Wire transfers
We do not accept Western Union. We can only accept wire transfers that are sent directly to our account in our bank.

Tell your bank to Wire Transfer Money to:

Bank of America, 100 N. Tryon St. Charlotte NC 28255 ABA# 026009593, and tell them to benefit the account of Convergence Inc – Account # 00285-24537. International wire transfers may need the Swift Code: BOFAUS3N.

Before sending payment, please email us at: customerservice@ordersupport.com. Please email us saying: “Here is a list of the items I wish to purchase. Please tell me what the shipping cost will be for to ship these items. I would like to ship my order via ________USMail or ________UPS (if possible). Please provide me with a final cost for this order so that I can arrange to send you a bank wire for that amount.

We will create an order for you and hold your order until we receive your bank wire. Your order will be submitted for processing within one business day after the money arrives in our account.

Please note: Wire Transfers that begin outside of the USA will incur a fee by the banks that are sending the wire. This fee is usually between $25 and $35. We have no control over this fee. You must add this amount to your wire to insure full credit for your order upon receipt by Convergence Inc.

Addressing an Overseas Military Mailpiece
To properly address a mailpiece, you need the following information:

  • Name of the recipient (rank/grade/rating is optional)
  • The PSC (Postal Service Center), CMR (Community Mail Room), UMR (Unit Mail Room), RPO (Regional Post Office), APO (Army Post Office) or OMDC (Official Mail Distribution Center) number.
  • It is not necessary to add the specific military formation (for instance “1/20 24th Infantry”) that the recipient is attached to.
  • At times, operational security may demand that the unit not be named.
  • For FPO addresses aboard a United States Navy or United States Coast Guard vessel, put the ship’s name and hull number, if applicable, (for instance “USS Cochrane (DDG-21)”) instead of a PSC number.
  • If applicable, the recipient’s Military Post Office Box number.
  • When mailing to a DPO address, do not add the street address of the embassy or the recipient’s job title, such as “Ambassador John Adams” as this may cause processing errors.
  • The APO and “state” designator (AA, AP, AE)
  • Please do not use the state that the distribution hub is in (FL, CA, NY), as this may cause delays in the package being processed.
  • The correct ZIP Code for the unit, preferably the ZIP+4.
  • In case your package accidentally falls open during transit, consider including a card within, listing both yours and the recipient’s addresses and a full listing of the contents.

For instance, here is a sample APO Address:
GEN Omar Bradley
PSC 1234, Box 12345
APO AE 09204-1234

For a FPO:

CAPT John Paul Jones
USS Cochrane (DDG-21)
FPO AP 96543-1234

For a DPO:

John Adams
Unit 8400, Box 0000
DPO, AE, 09498-0048